Bucket List

As I grow older and experience more of what life has to offer, my bucket list continues to evolve with me. Here are a few things I hope to do in my life right now:

Explore Canada coast to coast

Travel to Greece

Vacation in the Amalfi Coast

Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Go on a mission trip

Visit Bali

Learn how to ice skate

Take a trip to Southeast Asia

Attend a Drake concert

Learn to speak fluent French

Move to the UK

Graduate from University

Explore Paris

Visit Costa Rica

Go to Las Vegas

Vacation in Tulum

See the Northern Lights

Visit England

Learn to read and write Punjabi

Go zip-lining

Meet the Prime Minister of Canada

Learn how to swim

Visit the Five Takhts in India

Explore the Palace of Versailles

See the Mona Lisa

Explore Italy

Graduate from law school

Start my own business

Visit Dharamshala to see the Tibetan Monasteries

Attend We Day

Learn Spanish

Be apart of a TV show audience

Visit Kartarpur Sahib

Buy a Ford Mustang

Vacation in Phuket

Ride a camel

Take a trip to Morocco

Buy a farm

Learn how to ice skate

Spend Christmas in Chicago

Visit New York City

Visit Machu Pichu

Be able to get close to a penguin

Visit South Africa

Start a blog

Learn how to speak fluent Hindi

Go for a fish pedicure

Make tacos in Mexico

Ride a dune buggy

Write a book

Go on a boat ride in South India

Learn how to ski

Do a Colour Run

Attend La Tomatina

Design my dream home

Explore Cuba

Travel to Belgium

Bathe an elephant at a sanctuary

Stay at the Ice Hotel in Quebec

Make a change

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