Defining Your Style

Style. How would you define it? Most people think of general themes of fashion: classic, trendy, feminine, monochromatic, etc. However, style isn’t just fashion, but an individual’s poise, attitude and perspective — it’s how you choose to express yourself.

To find one’s personal style takes time. It’s more than just figuring out what you like and don’t like, but also figuring yourself out. It’s a journey. In order to really define it, you need to know yourself and understand what makes you feel confident and what fits your day-to-day life. Personally, I’ve found my core style, but refining it, is what takes time. Your core is what usually doesn’t dramatically change: lifestyle, finances, location and values. These four aspects of life usually remain relatively constant with small changes here and there. It’s your personal style’s backbone: the base. Hence, it’s the details that take time to organize and define.

I have created a guide to help you define your individualistic look. These steps will give you a better understanding of how you like to express yourself, what characteristics you associate with most, and what to avoid because nothing saves more time than knowing what you don’t want. With that said, you should still dabble in a little fashion experimentation once in a while just to spice things up a bit. So, without further ado, here are the 6 steps to help you define your personal style.

  1. Find your Style Spirit. When you flip through magazines, watch TV, and view the red carpets, who do you identify with most? Obviously, no one individual will be the perfect inspiration for your style, but who’s fashion choices are you drawn too? Are you a mix of Blake Lively, a little Olivia Culpo, and a hint of Kim K? Figure out who your main influences are when it comes not just to fashion, but beauty, hair, and life as well. Who do you identify with?
  2. Put a Label on It. Once you know who your style spirits are, put a label on it. When you look through pictures of outfits, home decor, and makeup what would you label that look? Is it chic? Modern? Edgy? Simple? What labels are you most drawn to? Settle on about 4 or 5 labels as this will help to narrow in on your tastes.
  3. Note Down Repeats. Go through your closet and look for repeats. What do you notice the most? Do you own a lot of neutrals? Florals? Blacks? Stripes? This will help you to determine what you like to wear and what you feel most confident in. If you own a lot of black and have one orange shirt, its safe to say that you enjoy wearing black. If you go through your makeup collection and notice all neutral eye palates, you probably enjoy a more nude, subtle look. Your repeated items are usually what you feel most confident in.
  4. Clean it Out. Now that you know your repeats and labels, it’s time to clean up the outliers. If you have items that are rarely get used, its time to toss it. There is no need to waste space and constantly hope that maybe one day you’ll wear it because if it didn’t happen yet, it probably won’t later. Most people have these pieces in their closets because of seasonal trends or because it symbolizes a look they want to try, but are not comfortable in yet. If you know deep down that you won’t be wearing it sometime in the next couple of months, pack it up and donate.
  5. Find your Signature. Everyone has something that is “them”. Finding your signature is basically the one thing that you always wear and feel good in. It can be as simple as dainty jewelry, oversized sunglasses, ballet flats, a bold bag, etc. Finding your signature piece is what ties everything together for you.
  6. Be Authentic. Don’t worry about other people or what the latest trends are. Be true to yourself. To find your personal style, you need to be comfortable in your own skin and in what you wear. Be the best version of yourself. Don’t try to be like anyone else because you are unique and that is what makes you special. So, embrace your style, experiment with it, refine it, and have fun!


*Disclaimer: The featured image by tu tu on Unsplash.

6 thoughts on “Defining Your Style

  1. Love this post! I’ve always loved fashion but I was never able to pin down a specific style hat I associated myself with. This post really helped me to do that. Thank you!


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